About the project


Reframing attitudes of minors and youth at risk of offending / re-offending through training

This project will assess the key competences and life-skills that child offenders lack and if acquired their employability success rate would be considerably increased; then, it will design and develop a unique training program/e-course providing soft-skills for child offenders. 

Youth offenders are less likely to find a job, therefore are more likely to struggle with issues such as poverty, housing and so on. Crucial for the lack of their employability is their lack of education and their awareness about key competences needed for their employability.

Project Objectives

  1. Strengthen ex-convicted child offenders’ competences and basic skills in order to ease their transition to adulthood and support their integration in the labour market.
  2. Develop activities focusing on the strengthening of inclusion and employability of child offenders as young people with fewer opportunities.
  3. Support CSOs focusing on the protection and the re-integration of child offenders and encourage young people at risk of marginalisation to regain their life and place in the society.
  4. Engage CSOs and stakeholders from the business sectors and educate them to eliminate the stereotypes related to child offenders post release employability.
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